Digitalization. For architectural professions, surveying an area is a time consuming and nowadays an inefficient activity. We reduce the time needed to collect accurate data from months to days. We supply plans for already existing buildings in days, from historic buildings in Austria, through skyscrapers in the Emirates, to production facilities in Mexico.


  • Point-Cloud is the latest, fastest and most accurate method of data collection to create new plans for already existing buildings
  • we work with factual reality which will give you certainty in your planning
  • we automatically generate area and cubic capacity reports
  • panoramic photo representation of the entire building in high resolution, accessible from anywhere, sharable with anyone
  • the scanner and panoramic imaging will record everything the first time round, so there is no need to enter the building multiple times


  • a forever preserved visual image of a historic building before the renovation, in digital form
    • accurate data required from planning to completion of the renovation
    • building management tools; all in one service
  • using a Point-Cloud cloud of points, it is possible to recalculate the amount of missing material for a building in disrepair
    • based on that, determine the exact amount of materials required to renovate the building
  • creating plans in the required complexity and creating outputs for a building that has no current plans available