Facilities Management/FM

Deploying the “Indoor Viewer” – during dynamic scanner data collection, panoramic photographs are generated. Subsequently, they are processed into a tour where individual objects can be tagged and categorized.

DEMO video (coming soon…)


  • no software required – accessible via any web browser
  • panoramic tour of the interior and exterior of the entire building from the comfort of your chair, anywhere in the world
  • tagged objects can be assigned with static text information as well as media file (audio, video, additional photographs, etc.)
  • tree structure export of categorized objects to Excel or other asset management systems
  • easy recording of failures and subsequent prioritizing of the necessary repairs
  • integrated tool for instant basic measurement from a panoramic photograph


  • information about wall composition, materials etc., no longer needs to be recorded in the complex BIM model
    • effective modelling in detail max. LOD 200 - 400, everything else is recorded in INDOOR VIEWER via POIs (points of interest)
    • this makes the information more accessible to anyone who needs it, not hardware demanding, more agile information update
  • all buildings under your management are in one place, accessible online from anywhere
    • each view may be shared via a dynamic “http”, with any contractor
  • a five storey office building scanned in one day
    • using partial automation and object recognition, we can create an intelligent, structured list of your assets in the facility