Digitization in production is a matter of course nowadays. Among all our clients, we have the most experience in the automotive area and with the creation of a production digital twin, which is also confirmed by our cooperation with most car manufacturers in the EU.


  • from 20,000 m2 of scanned monochrome cloud in millimeter accuracy in one day. Combined with high quality panoramic imaging
  • with three and more scanning teams deployed, we can process up to 50,000 m2+ per single day
  • when renovating, repairing or replacing components, we can simulate collisions of objects without the need for modelling
  • selection of the optimal process in a digital simulation ensures the fastest and safest exchange in actual production
  • data collection, scanning with dynamic technology in full operation
  • long term experience working with MicroStation iV8


  • changing or replacing the assembly line vital parts after millimeter digitization will allow for trouble-free assembly of new components and restarting of production without downtime
  • using an exact digital twin will give you the confidence when planning a technical construction remodel
  • our dynamic technology and expertise delivers an extremely accurate (2mm) survey of the production facility, allowing you to refine and complement an already existing digital model in greater detail