The MAP INDOOR process is becoming a standard in modern construction and is part of the entire construction project cycle. In cooperation with our planning division, we can offer planning certainty and reduce overall project costs.


  • improving quality of construction through comparison of Planned versus Built facilities
  • comprehensive plans of the whole building layouts (walls/columns, building technical equipment, etc.), recorded upon completion of each construction phase
  • paper plans are a thing of the past, the 3D BIM model of the facility has become the standard, forever securely stored in the MAP INDOOR Cloud or your storage facility
  • using the MAP INDOOR VIEWER, you can show the current status of the entire facility to your investors, from anywhere, using a smartphone
  • a comprehensive model with the connected MAP INDOOR VIEWER can be used as a full-fledged FM tool


  • capturing the entire environment where the new building will be located with Point-Cloud high-precision, along with the panoramic tour
  • monitoring each construction phase using mobile scanners, resulting in a comprehensive 3D model as the basis for the more complex BIM model
  • increasing efficiency of the planning and construction process and thus comparing the PLANNED versus the actually BUILT facility