Our task is to create, in the shortest time possible and using 3D laser technology, an accurate digital copy of a building, which we then process according to your requirements. 2D plans, 3D model, BIM model, virtual tour, agile FM software solution. If necessary, we can supply the digital information that best suits the subsequent data processor or the end user.


  • data processing in almost all available modelling tools
  • an intelligent, interactive, reportable BIM model is standard
  • BIM itself covers all phases of the construction lifecycle
  • absolute control in facility management


  • using dynamic scanners, we automatically generate a 3D point model of a building
    • our architects then turn it into a complex BIM model with high accuracy
  • with a millimeter-accuracy that we are able to achieve, and using negative calculation, it is possible to very precisely calculate for example the volume of façade paint or plaster, thus optimizing the necessary material
  • the combination of point cloud and panoramic photographs allows us to model large buildings much faster and more accurately than when using conventional methods, in the timescale of weeks rather than months