Other services

Point-Cloud technology has countless uses. Our company, therefore, offers several other services for various other sectors that don’t always relate to architecture or construction only, where we can make full use of our scanning technologies.

Scan ARM

  • building and building partition scanning for reverse-engineering purposes


  • processing of the entire exhibition into a high-resolution panoramic photo rendition
  • making the exhibition available online as an added value for the organizer


  • creating a panoramic online tour of the entire museum, with a detailed description of individual artifacts for the general public and education system


  • navigation in the building by a smartphone, using QR codes
  • navigation in the building by a smartphone on the recognition and AR basis

Room Book

  • a new way of planning, “organizing” components in a room (e.g. an operating theater) in a 3D perspective and with the ability to take into account natural Lino 3D lighting

Building ONE

  • coming soon...

Table Models

  • creating factual table-top models of a building from a Point-Cloud scan in various scales and materials

Highways, Railways, Tunnels

  • with our specially adapted scanner mounted behind the vehicle, it is possible to scan structures (road surface) and evaluate the need for repairs, etc.

Consultations, Inspections, Q&A

  • based on a detailed cloud of points, we can compare the planned versus the built, without the need for modelling

Training, Support

  • coming soon...

Cloud/Hosting, Data Bank

  • we offer secure cloud storage solutions to archive processed Point-Cloud data and models

Insurance Industry

  • coming soon...


  • coming soon...


  • coming soon...